News-Reporting Methods

Here are the methods of the broadcasters and news reporters when doing their job. Actually, the job of the reporters is a sacrifice on their part since they have to be anywhere at anytime and there are times that they have to rush all of a sudden to cover some news and events. Survey research is one of the methods that is used my media in order to deliver the result of the survey. The reason why they conduct survey is for them to gather information and deliver the result of something to the people.

Ethnology is one of the study of culture and reporting to the public or group of people. Since mass communication is a communication between a single source of information and group of people.  A single source of information delivers some findings of the researches done to a larger group of people called the mass.

Abrupt reporting is one of the methods that is done by the reporters. This kind of reporting is just reporting an event or phenomenon that has happened or is currently happening. This is what we usually see in the live media. For example, a television reports that a husband murdered his family and fled.

Content Analysis is another type of news reporting method. For a phenomenon, people would have to research about what is in it, the cause and the effect, then they will have to come to a conclusion and then the reporters and press will now have the right to publish the finding of the analysis.